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It’s more fulfilling failing at something hard; than completing something easy.

I got this inspiration from rock climbing, so non-climbers do bear with me.

At every session when I reach the climbing gym, I have the choice to try the routes that others have set. It is very rare to find a route with a difficulty level perfect for your current skill level.

I either settle for a route too easy for myself and finish it comfortably, or struggle ungracefully at a route much harder.

There is an empty hollowness when completing an easy route. Bystanders might marvel at it but inside, I feel empty.

When I embark on a hard route, there is uncertainty and discomfort. It is common to fail. However, the euphoria of finishing it is phenomenal.

Interestingly, in both scenarios, I would have gotten a decent training session. Yet, I would rather leave the climbing center feeling I failed despite trying my best than the uncertainty that I should have challenged myself further.

Now, apply it to your day-to-day activities. What is your motivation ?

For me, I aim big. If I fail, I fail spectacularly.