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Home Cooked Food. Lean Beef Chuck Tender and Cucumbers with Olive Oil and Spices

This is a common question I get when I share about eating healthily.

The short answer is no, but it is more troublesome but only slightly so.

Eating healthily means removing all the excesses in the diet such as chocolate bars, candy, potato chips, artificially sweetened drinks (prepacked juices, freshly squeezed juices and soda). All these “excesses” go back into the healthy eating diet.

In Singapore’s context, a quick comparison of hawker center food in the suburban area would be:

  • Chicken Rice: $3 (Consists of rice, 40g chicken with skin, pathetic amounts of vegetables and a post lunch insulin spike)
  • Soda: $1.20 (another insulin spike)
  • Total: $4.20 (which results in lost of attention in the afternoon)

Preparing the food at home by yourself and packing it for work:

  • 140g Chicken breast fillet: $0.90 (2kg chicken breast for $12.90)
  • 3 cup Broccoli: $0.50 (one cup is around one handful)
  • Sprinkling of Spices and Olive Oil: $0.20
  • Beverage: None, plain water or tea sachet
  • Total Cost: $2.00


  • 140g Lean Beef Chuck Tender: $1.50 (1kg beef for $10.70)
  • 3 cups boiled green beans: $0.80
  • Sprinkling of Spices and Olive Oil: $0.20
  • Beverage: None, plain water or tea sachet
  • Total Cost: $2.50

Is it a lot of trouble to plan? To be honest, even for an intellectual as myself, starting out was tough.

I had to learn about portioning out the meals, block out an equal amount of carbohydrates (vegetables are complex, low-glycemic index carbohydrates) and planning my own lunches in advance. Food is not expensive if it is well planned, even frozen fish is inexpensive.

Yet, there is something fulfilling about being in control of your own diet and knowing you are doing something good for your own body.

Through this, I hope to demonstrate pound for pound, home-prepared food makes a lot more sense. Anyway, it is really easy to prepare great tasting food within 15mins. My girlfriend didn’t believe me till I did it for her.

I have ignored future costs of eating unhealthily buycbdproducts as disease etc. Eating like this increases your attention and makes you feel more alert to tackle bigger issues in life and career. If you would like help in trying to implement it in your life, I would not mind helping if time permits.

Don’t tell me frozen food doesn’t taste nice, most of food center foods are frozen. Food from fast food chains are poison, not food.