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Seriously, NOTHING is better than water.

I’m fine with any brand of soda, really. However, being “fine” does not mean I drink it, it simply means I believe in freedom of choice.

However, recently I’ve been irked by 100 Plus marketing campaign which includes the lines “100Plus is better than water“, or “100Plus hydrates better than water“. The advertisements on radio also advocates office workers working in air-conditioned environments to drink 100Plus because their bodies may be dehydrated before they feel thirsty.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was attending a youth concert sponsored partially by 100Plus. Part of the multimedia experience in the dance video showed a group of teenagers coming together to enjoy a can of 100Plus, and flyers from 100Plus explaining why it is better than water.

Seriously? Screw you 100Plus and your parent brand F&N. For contributing to our national obesity rate, for increasing the cases of hyperinsulinemia, for everything you are doing, I hope your executives suffer karma.

Granted, 100Plus may be useful for endurance athletes who compete in races more than 3hours and therefore need a refill in fluids and electrolytes with carbohydrate synthesis. This makes 100 Plus a useful drink and athletes already know that.

However, for normal civilians who barely sweat in the air-conditioned office, there is nothing BETTER to rehydrate the body than plain old water. In fact, drinking a can(330ml) of 100Plus delivers 22.4g of refined sugar into the body.

This is the type of sugar that triggers an insulin response in your body, which eventually leads to you becoming fat. It brings about all the problems with hyperinsulinemia.

What 100Plus is doing is clear, it is trying to expand its target segment of athletes to include civilians who may otherwise drink another brand of soda. However, is this ethical?

Our bodies have been designed through natural selection to survive on water, anything extra is essentially pointless or potentially harmful for most people. (Though sugarfree, electrolytes-laden drinks are good)

In this era of ethical advertising, 100Plus has failed badly.

  • kelly

    Excellent article! Coconut water cannot be beat by 100Plus! 🙂