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It’s common to hear from friends who have given up exercising or dieting that because it is so hard to adhere to.

Do you give up after scoring a B in an assignment? Do you give up after failing to pass your driving test? Do you stop doing anything because you did badly the first time?

No. You keep trying to get better.

It is the same for exercising and dieting. It is a result of constant deliberate practice which allows for failures every now and then. Don’t give up after one failed attempt.

Failure is an opportunity for learning, and improving.

Some quick tips for succeeding in exercises or dieting.

  1. Sleep regularly: Go to bed by 12 and get awake by 7am. Get used to it. A regular sleep schedule makes everything easier.
  2. Be optimistic yet realistic: Making plans increases your chances of success but it doesn’t mean you would not fail. Believe in your ability but do not be discouraged.
  3. Build willpower: Willpower and mental strength does not come overnight. Each time resisting that candy in the fridge is a step towards victory. Delaying gratification is a proven method to get results across all domains.
  4. Remove temptations: Regardless of how much willpower you have, putting that cookie jar in front where you study will only make you tempted to munch on something sweet. Studying is already a chore, don’t make it harder than it already is. I put a jar full of sugarless tea (I like oolong, pu-er or green) when I study.
  5. Don’t knock yourself up for every failure: Life is all about making mistakes. If we are all perfect, living becomes meaningless. Enjoy the journey.

Personally, I only start on one habit at a time. Don’t rush into living the perfect life. It’s much harder than it looks.

Good luck!