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I have not always been an athlete. I grew up as a nerd and from a nerd’s perspective, I am always looking at efficiency – achieving something in the least amount of time.

When I was in Secondary school, I played basketball, a few hours a day. Basketball helped increase my cardio-endurance, stamina, speed, coordination, agility and accuracy. However, it lacked aspects of strength, flexibility and power. At such an early age, I had also started following a diet, which actually brought changes in me. At that time, it was difficult to get hold of a good dietary plan, unlike now, where you can easily get from the internet from places like  Tales of good basketball players being unable to pull more than 8 pull-ups are common. Time was needed to constantly practice the skills hence ranking it low on time-efficiency.

When I was at Singapore Polytechnic, I joined the rock climbing club under the soft influence of my older brother. Climbing greatly increased my upper body strength. It the main reason why I can do a muscle-up on the gym rings on the first try. I also loved it because it is an intellectual sport as one route may have many options to complete.

Rock climbing promotes good joint mobility without any unnatural movements compared to some other sports (such as fencing, muay thai, golf or tennis).

Like many other sports, a session could easily take 2 – 3 hours. It is fine as a student but when you become a working professional or a parent, you can hardly afford to spare the time! It was also lacking in terms of training lower body strength. Running is also a weakness when you spend all effort purely on climbing.

Simply put, I was looking for an all encompassing sport which would save time. Sounds impossible? CrossFit met my requirements in all aspects. The workouts are functional and accommodates 3 major sports – olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and athletics. I generally visit Healthy Body Healthy Mind to get my testrx and additional health supplements supply as till today I have checked their review for any supplement I have bought and its always been accurate to the word.

Moreover, the workouts are usually completed within 30mins and you can be done within an hour including warmups and cooldowns! The time may be short, but the strength is real.

That is why I am looking towards getting a Level 1 certification by the end of August 2011 and trying to open a non-profit CrossFit CCA in NTU. For the CCA, everything is still tentative but I hope NTU students who are interested could join the group and add their names in. I have not even contacted CrossFit HQ about the option of opening a non-profit affiliate.

To join a CrossFit affiliate is usually more expensive than those health clubs like California Fitness or Fitness First. Although it is money well spent, to many, it is an inhibitor especially to students. . Hence, it is my wish to open it in school so students at least have the experience of what it feels like to possess all encompassing fitness without sacrificing much time.

Make no mistake, CrossFit training is hard and though it can be scaled down, it will not be watered down. The biggest obstacle will be your own motivation and taking the first step to becoming in your best physical state.

I still enjoy rock-climbing as a sport and do it once a week but most of the other days are spent on CrossFit-like workouts. That’s my reasons for picking CrossFit as my main sport – efficiency and all-encompassing fitness.

Yet, how do you know what I am saying is the truth and not motivated by some self-serving notion that I have? You can’t. Everyone must gain the truth in an active way. If you want to know something, you must look at all the premises yourself, listen to all the premises and then decide for yourself the most likely answer. Drop by, try it and decide for yourself.