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Sharing my COM207 notes here. So far, this is for mid-terms 2011/2012. Will add in more gradually.

Disclaimer: Use at own risk, will not be held responsible for any mistakes though I did try my best to stick to the materials but sometimes I referred online for more concrete examples.

First of all, thanks to Junjie for his granting permission for me to based mine on his notes. Mine is a reedited version with some added details of his notes found here.

Map of Human Relations

One problem I found with the course is that there were too many Caucasian names which were really hard to visualize. Hence I came out with a map which helps connect the human relations till William Schramm. Click on it for the bigger version.

Notes (thus far)

1. Charles Darwin

2. Karl Marx

3. Sigmund Freud

4. Harold Lasswell and Walter Lippmann