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Poor service marred an otherwise positive experience with Home Favourites.

This mooncake festival, instead of supporting the usual big companies, I decided to give a small home grown brand Home Favourites a chance. I tried their sample at a roadshow at Takashimaya and ordered a box from them.

They offered me the option to collect the mooncakes at Nex Mall on 1st September 2011.

On 1st September, I went down at 9pm to collect my mooncake but they told me that flavour had not arrived. First, they made me go on a wasted trip.

They asked me to leave my number behind and they would call me as soon as the flavour arrived.

They never called. 1 week plus later, still no call. Second, they forgot to call me to collect the mooncake.

Having been kept busy the entire period, this collection slipped my mind. Only today, the second last day of the festival did it occur to me. At 945pm, I called the number on the invoice to collect my mooncakes and rushed down to Junction 8 to collect it.

While I was there, the lady serving me did not even seem a least bit apologetic. I know, she is a worker and not part of any management, but isn’t courtesy the key, or perhaps a small token as apology? None was offered. I know the workers have no connection with the mistakes made by a person at another branch but the lack of empathy is saddening.

This is bad service at its worst – nonchalant workforce without any responsibility. 

On a related side note, my girlfriend who collected her mooncakes from Home Favourites recently was given the wrong order, but she was in a rush and did not manage to check till she reached home. Another case of bad, and perhaps overstretched, service.

Regardless of how good your mooncakes taste, Home Favourites have already left a sour taste in my mouth.

I will never support them ever again. Good job on one customer gained, and lost in the same season.

Edit: Home Favourites offered me a $50 voucher to apologize for their oversight. I accepted their apology but buyers do beware. It is important to be careful especially since during the festive season they are swamped with orders and use mainly part time workers for help.