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I love fitness. I like how it makes me feel in control of my body and prepared at all times. That’s why I take part in a variety of sports which challenges me differently.

It can be upper body specific like rock climbing or balance specific like slacklining or weights based like compound barbell movements and kettlebells or aerobic training like running or swimming. I also like Strongman-style training. I mix and match my own types of training without getting too specialized because I am not a competitive athlete where specificity would matter.

It is also part of the reason I picked up a CrossFit Level 1 Certification is also to understand what it means to be non-specific in training.

If I choose to enter the fitness industry, it would be to help people who have lost their way and would like a helping hand to get back on track. Fitness for civilians is not rocket science. To fight for Olympic glory is one matter, but to lose weight is a simple matter of tweaking your diet towards natural non-processed foods and ensuring you are exercising correctly.

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For example, look at a child who squats naturally, the lumbar is neutral and strong, the buttocks easily touch the ground and the weight is on the heels etc. Everyone is born with an ability to squat with proper posture, but over the years of sedentary lifestyle, many have lost their ability to do so due to lack of strength or hip flexibility.

Every day, there are new tools put out in the media shouting in your face to try it for an “easier” way. Barbells, calisthenics and a lil bit of cardio works. By tools, I mean stupid equipment like the Shake Weight, T-Core or ViPR. If you do not have space for a rack, kettlebells are a superb alternative.

There is no perfect tool or nutrition plan for everyone. It is about being observant to your own body. Which is one of the reasons why I prepare my own meals and use only the best mass building supplements such as ostarine, as it guarantees me results. Make sure to keep a track of How do you feel 2 hours post-meal? How long do you feel your delayed onset muscle syndrome for? What is your body fat content over a period of time? What is the circumference of your thighs/arms in comparison to last month? In this aspect, though any person could self-monitor, a personal trainer comes in to keep track of progress.

Yet, being “friends” with many fitness people on Facebook, I cannot help but grimace at the politics present in an inherently “positive” industry. The office and business world is full of politics, but fitness is supposed to be a place to build good karma, help people, earn a decent income and be contented about it. Instead, I see trainers belittling others in an indirect manner. Seriously, what gives?

If you are the best in the industry, there is no need to be a keyboard warrior. Prove it with results through your clients or on the platform, field, court, pool, wall or line.

Life is short, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Play nice, live long and prosper.