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It is a shame that while The Straits Times is suing Yahoo! News for copyright infringement, it does not conduct proper citation or image attribution in its very own backyard.

You don’t need your attorney to advise you it is not acceptable to cite from a search engine.

At the very least, throw some mock up images from the PR company that serves the SAF.

I’m sure they worked very hard to try to get this piece of information in the news.


  • Dah Dah

    ST is a bunch of hypocrites. STOMP regularly allows users to rip off other sites to post their stuff there. I don’t like Yahoo as well but it’s two crooks suing each other.

    • Jeremy Ko

      Yup, I agree with you.

  • Megamendong

    print deadlines… and space to fill… die die got to fill… so how… google lah. Eh ST boleh lah!