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When I got my Galaxy S, it was slightly more expensive than the iPhone 4 at the point in time but less than 1.5years later, Samsung said it would no longer support ICS on my GalaxyS.

I was pissed at Samsung for dropping such a great product. The official line is that it is not possible to support TouchWiz (Samsung’s own UI) on top of ICS. So? We would like the vanilla version please.

Thankfully, the good guys known as onecosmic and team has developed a version for us. To be honest, it is ridiculously simple to set up. The Galaxy S is now blazing fast, much faster than it was on GB.

The simplified steps are:

1. “Root” your phone. [link]
2. Download Titanium Backup and copy everything out into somewhere else just in case. [link]
3. Remove microSD card to prevent confusion of internal memory.
4. Copy the set up file into your Galaxy S. [instructions more suitable for experienced people here] [step by step instructions available here for those who need more guidance]
5. Reboot into ClockworkMod (Press the Volume-Up, Centre Button and Power Button at the same time)
6. Select file and you are done! (as long as there is no screw up)

These are the simplified steps but I have attached links to make it easier along the way. I am by no means a techie just someone who can follow instructions very well. Good luck to you!

Also, I recommend donating a small sum to the great guys! RC3.1 (RC stands for release candidate) is extremely stable for me!