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Longest title I had in a long while.

I’m heading to Shanghai, China on February 16th and I can say I am more or less done.

When I started, information was spotty and hard to find. When they are found, they are not clear.

I want to put up information and also a place for people to ask questions if they are unsure. Rather than bore you with the troubles I took before I got the final answer, I will just let you know what to do.

1. Language Proficiency – HSK Test

The official line I received from Fudan University was that regardless of your A or O Level results, they require you to take the HSK Level 6 test. It is a written test. There is also a Oral Test but this is not needed.

However, even before we received the test results from the HSK Test, I received my acceptance letter stating I’m accepting to read modules conducted in Chinese. Seriously, wtf?

So if you are willing to wing it, don’t need to take HSK.

2. Inability to take Modules

For Fudan, their system does not really allow you to take modules beyond their (2011) year. This means you are effectively being treated like Year 1 students, which is pointless because it means you won’t learn anything useful. Email the China people and tell them your problems, they usually can manually add it in from you on their side.


For those wanting to visit the beautiful land of smooth skin Taiwan or try their luck gambling in Macau, you can’t! The visa you can apply for is only the f-visa, because your period of stay is less than 6 months. Hence, they can’t grant you the x-visa even if you begged them earnestly. Gambling and betting left to, as usual.

But the best you can do is to apply for the 2-entry f-visa. This visa allows you to enter China twice with the maximum length each time being 90 days. So you could go on one trip outside mainland China if you make sure you are able to leave within 90days.

Don’t bother applying for VISA within China, I read the rates if success is very low.

Also, this means you do not need the medical report from SGH or Raffles Hospital. It cost me $230 for nothing.


4…. to be updated if more questions come in.