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I understand the need for bus drivers to be sourced from overseas. Overseas bus drivers only need to be paid $20,000 a year.

Local bus drivers will not be able to survive with this amount of salary. Plus, if I could drive well in Singapore, I would rather earn more and be a taxi-driver.

So for transport companies to pay adequately to attracted local drivers, their operating expenses would increase by at least 20%.

But, I also believe it is no coincidence that there is an increased spate of accidents on the roads of Singapore involving bus drivers.

If anyone has ever taken the public bus in China, they would know how they operate. If you are the lone passenger boarding the bus, you barely have time to tap your card to the reader and get a firm footing before the bus driver floors the accelerator to the next bus stop.

I am not judging how they drive or operate in China, I know they have a tight schedule to follow. The trouble starts when they bring such practices to Singapore.

But SBS Transit and SMRT, please, if you are hiring drivers from China, the least you could do is to teach them road courtesy is unlike that of China, and also, some basic English would be nice.

  • Alfchua

    I agree with you about those Chinese drivers. I experience that in Shanghai personally. Their driver are also not local because Shanghainese don’t want to be bus driver too, so most of them are from other parts of China.

  • Sean

    forget it lah. it’s ALL about profits, remembers? that’s why we should cut the damn shareholders out of the equation. ALL profits should be rolled back into improving the system, & making the fares more affordable for the disadvantaged. why the hell are the shareholders reaping profits for?!

  • William Tan

    SBS or SMRT bus driver first get signaporean basis pay $1800 to 2300PM I’m sure many singaporean with join or pay bonus $500 to 800 PM with good record and hardworking driver plus 2yrs above extra bonus.

  • Lautan

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