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It may be depressing to start off with this but it is important to start thinking of ways to invest your money wisely as well as to seek protection from illnesses when you reach a certain age so that there is enough money to treat those illness you suffer in future,rather than spending all in clearing the debts and leave nothing for improving  the health.Refresh Debt Solutions can be one such option to lead a debt free life and save your valuable money to focus on your health better.

Prior to this, I myself have been reading books on investment and insurance, trying to educate myself. I have also bought savings policies and dabbled with platforms like POEMS.

However, one must always be on the search for information and new knowledge. It is with this interest that I went for two talks recently, Tan Kin Lian’s FISCA “Consumer Guide to Insurance” on August 25. It was a 3 hour seminar and I paid $30 for it as I am not a member.

I also went for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group’s (AKTLG) “Wealth Expo” on 1st September. I paid $24 for a 2 day expo, Gold seats paid $100 while Platinum paid $250. On the website, General tickets sold for $60, hence I thought I was getting a great deal. A friend told me they were selling gold tickets at $20 on a group-buy website.


On the surface, it would seem that the Wealth Expo would be more value for money, but sadly I was wrong. The two talks were different as heaven and hell, and I will share about TKL’s talk first.

TKL talk was held in a small SMU lecture room with about 20 people. There was no fluff, it went straight to the point regarding the different types of insurance (life, term, car, home, death etc), the ideal types to buy, rationale for doing so and it ended with a simple book promotion. The books were also not very expensive, $8 for a book. After that, there was an open Q&A where we got to pick his brain.

Most importantly, you could tell he was sincere in sharing whatever he knew and honestly felt. For example, he has an almost zen-like approach to cancer and death, which I paraphrase “When you are above 80, and it is time to die, no amount of medical care can cure you. It doesn’t matter if you are in Ward B2 or in a private hospital. Say your last goodbyes and leave your children with a fortune, instead of wiping out their savings.”

Wealth Expo started with so much promise, so much hype. But here is what truly happened.

The event started with everyone entering the expo hall with uplifting soundtracks, moving spotlights and dry ice smoke. I commented that it seemed I stepped into an evangelical church instead of a place to learn about finance. Next, there was an introductory video, with similar exciting soundtracks accompanying information about the Wealth Expo. The speakers came in the order of Adam Khoo, Joey Yap, Ron Kaufman, Conrad Lim and Fabian Lim. I left midway through Fabian’s talk, I just couldn’t take their fluff anymore.

Let me share a bit about each speaker, and what I thought about them.

Adam Khoo

He started off with his motivational speak about congratulating us for spending a weekend here so he knows we are the type of people who are eager to learn. For those who do not know, this is known as framing your audience. By making them think better of themselves, they will think of themselves in the same frame and will be willing to spend money to show they are “eager to learn”.

Next he brought up slides which showed that Singapore is the richest country in the world, with one in 6 households being millionaires ergo, it is easy to become a millionaire in Singapore. He also mentioned we have 3 times as much millionaires as a percentage of populations than the United States of America. He conveniently forgets to mention that USA, being such a big country has rural farmlands and big cities, and compared to the cities, Singapore is far from Switzerland (Geneva) or USA (New York). All these are attempts at trying to make something tough sound much easier than it is, in hope you will part with more money to learn more of his “tricks”.

He also rambled on a bit about trying to become financially free with FD being impossible (using 2% as interest rate) but extremely easy when you are able to trade on a 22% annual return rate. At this point, alarm bells should start ringing, even the best fund managers in the world cannot promise this rate of return, and he can? I promise you, as a fund manager with this type of performance, he will earn much more than as a teacher, so why don’t he?

Some of the primary school tricks is making the audience stand up, high five their partners, and completing his obvious sentences in agreement. I seriously hope the mostly adult audiences are more mature than this and are doing it because…. everyone else is doing it.

The only drop of knowledge he provides is how to conduct TA based on 150 and 50 day moving averages. Anyone who has picked up a FM book would have known this. But this too is a facade, to ask you sign up for his class to learn more advance techniques, because he describes it as a kindergarten technique. I agree, because it really is. He also seizes on this chance to promote an online trading platform.

Finally, after his talk, he ended off with a sales pitch for his CD which includes functions like expense tracker, tax calculator etc, for a limited time only sale! Many people ran to the booth at the side to make a purchase. Seems like most of them do not realize all these tools are available for free on most finance websites like .

Joey Yap

He shared a bit about the using BaZi to decode your destiny. He provides a website which would churn out your BaZi using your relevant details.

Like all the other speakers, there are very few concrete details and he skims past likely on the details. If it was for the lack of time, why pack the speakers time so tightly? I am sure the audience would prefer, for example, the removal of Ron Kaufman to listen to more details from Joey.

He ended with a promotion of his book, and also his multi day seminar, which would cost a seminar only special of $1700! Wow, what a good deal. Only in my head I am thinking that if I spent $1000 to buy all the English and Chinese books on Chinese astrology, I would learn more than he could ever teach, and I would still be left with $700 spare change! Wow!

A book by Lilian Too that I read 5 years ago was so much more informational than that hour I wasted. A reader (Luke) has suggested this website: and I find it informative. A pity it is purely in Mandarin, but it is definitely more comprehensive than the talk, plus it is free.

Ron Kaufman

I heard him previously when he came to do a talk at Alexandra Hospital. His call to fame is his book on service quality. It was really applicable to workers at a hospital, but seriously, at a wealth talk?

His talk was weakly linked to the concept of wealth, so badly constructed was his talk such that I will not bother to reproduce it here. The concept of linking business success to service quality is nothing new, so I am not too sure why he has to highlight it incessantly.

Also, it was extremely unprofessional to constantly shout in the microphone, I was wearing earphones or plugging my ears throughout the entire talk.

I highly suspect, and this is my suspicion and not an assertion of truth, that he was there purely to sell his services, which includes a 1-to-1 coaching and group coaching. He also has a nice booth behind with many balloons. It costs around $800 for a 1-to-1 coaching.

Conrad Lim

He is supposedly a known trader who is capable of multiple styles. Was looking forward to his talk but he decided to give a talk on the history of money, the Federal Reserve being as Federal as Federal Express (super old joke by the way) and ended off with fear mongering about the future of the money markets.

Also ended off with a spiel about how the cost of to attend his classes is always rising, and those who didn’t sign up previously have regrets so it is better to sign up for a class now at a seminar only price of $5000! Perceptual contrast! It works! Wow! (Maybe it is more, my brain shut off at this point in time.)

Fabian Lim

To be fair to Fabian, when his turn to speak came, I was already extremely disgruntled. The talk started by broadcasting a RazorTV video of him flying his own recreational plane to “have lunch in Malacca”. He is supposedly an internet marketing expert, how is this related? Plus the fact that time is such a limited commodity in this series of lectures, I would expect them to teach as much information as they could.

Alas, it seems their aim is not to share knowledge, but to impress upon us how rich and successful they are and if we pay for their courses and learn from these great holy masters, we will emulate their success.

At this point, enough is enough, I left the expo with my friends.

Needless to say, I will not be going back to the talk tomorrow. It is a complete, I repeat, complete waste of time.

Parting Thoughts


Previously, during an intermission break I walked to the “gold” section seats and talked to 5 random groups of people. None paid for their tickets and they received theirs either through organizations or email lists. They too felt the talk was in their words, “like shit”. In. their. own. words. Also, if the majority did not buy their “Gold” tickets, or bought it cheaply from groupbuy websites, does it not make it seem like they are trying to make the seminar more expensive than it actually is?

From this, we can tell that most people did not pay for their tickets, or got it cheaply. We can then question their motivations for offering their tickets at such a rock bottom price. If they really saw the value of their talk, would they be offering it at such prices? Towards the day of the seminar, my mum received an email offering free tickets from NTUC, and my friend got offered free tickets from JobsCentral.

Perhaps their intention is not to let any seat go to waste, if a seat can’t be sold, at least a filled seat becomes a prospect right?

Let’s revisit the Wealth Expo’s selling points:

  • Where and how to invest your money in 2012 and beyond for maximum profit returns
  • Unlock your hidden talents you never knew existed and realize your path of least resistance to financial success, health and relationships
  • Protect your portfolio from the global economical uncertainties and turn the European debt crisis into your advantage!
  • How to increase your business profits by keeping your customers happy and coming back for more
  • How ordinary people generate passive income starting with little or no money in less than 9 days
  •  Secrets of the rich that you will not find anywhere else
  •  How to plan, design and create a roadmap to financial success to achieve the lifestyle you always desired
  •  How to spot great property investment opportunities

Was it an oversell? Undoubtedly. Perhaps I was overqualified? In that case, why keep highlighting the fact if we want to learn more, we have to pay and pay? At this point, I really felt like a mindless cow being led into an abattoir.

But if you went there without a shred of financial knowledge, you will definitely benefit. But you will also become a sitting duck for them with their sales pitches. Naysayers will say there is nothing that they do to force you to buy any product, or sign up for their courses.

They are being naive. The entire spectacle is set up to make you purchase today using your instincts and emotions, limited price offers, limited seats, ringers who seem to run towards when the booths open etc. They trigger the need to act when there is uncertainty. This delves into topics of persuasion, so I will not go into detail here.

By the contents of the website, the talk was supposed “to educate the public on financial literacy and empower like-minded individuals with the financial know-how to make better informed decisions to thrive beyond this economical uncertainty.” The only thing I knew was happening more than 90% of the time was, if we wanted to be educated, we need to part with several thousands of dollars to attend their future seminars.

It is important to note that both insurance purchase and investment planning are equally difficult. A wrong decision can set you back by at least $500k if you are not careful. TKL can easily edit his talk to become a 2 day seminar, where he delves into the history of insurance, different types of plans etc and charge a cool $3000 for it. But… he doesn’t. You can tell when someone wants to teach you something, or simply wants to earn your money. The key is sincerity, and whether you can discern it from a smooth talker.

I am also a budding businessman. I run my own online store, conduct personal training on weekends and have ran other businesses previously. I understand the importance of a fair exchange of value. I won’t go as far to call them a “scam”, but this doesn’t seem to be a fair exchange at all.

I may never be as “successful” as any of the speakers, but at least in whatever I do, my conscience will be clear. Or at the very least, I will call my expo the “Upsell to Wealth Expo”, not “Wealth Expo”.

As an ending note, just sign up to be a FISCA member and attend TKL’s talks, at least they seem to be doing really good work for now. No fluff nor upsell, straight to the point.

Post-Edit: AKLTG has offered to refund me my tickets in return for me taking down my content. I appreciate the offer but I refused categorically. It was an experience that I learned and feel has negatively impacted my impression of Adam Khoo and his associates. I had 3 friends with me in different age ranges: one is 25, I am 24, another two of them are 20, one being in university year 2 and the other in national service.

All of us felt there was so little knowledge sharing done. And we are all “young” people.

I feel it is in the public interest to understand what happened exactly at the Wealth Expo. The first day was simply not worth the time and all the speakers’ agenda was more to sell, than to share knowledge. In this case, I would rather sacrifice a little and let more people know about it than to get back my money. There is no way the refund can recover my lost of time and parking. 

  • Ubinkhoo

    Good stuff Jeremy! Tell it like it is, so others will not be conned out of their time and money. 😀

    • Jeremy Ko

      Thank you!

  • Tan Kin Lian

    Jeremy, thanks for the endorsement. You write well. My friend gave me a free ticket for the Wealth Expo but I was not able to attend it yesterday, as I was lecturing in SMU.

  • John

    I am glad there are people out there who knows Adam Khoo is someone with little substance. I shudder by the thought he has motivation courses for students too, inculcating them with bull shit and his Darwinian views.

  • Dave Liew

    Generally, wealth management is for greedy people, and you end up making the speakers wealthy. I’ve managed hundreds of millions of properties in Singapore without any talks, or understanding in property market, simply, lots of cash from the family, and sadly, the bubble in Asia just makes the rich get richer and everyone else poorer.

    My advise is live your life to the fullest, and ignore materialistic things like a big house and big car. Reduce your expenses, and spend more time with your family instead of trying to make more $$$.

    • germinc

      I agree with you generally Dave. I too want to live a generally simpler life but it also comes with good decisions you make as a young person. Measure twice, cut once?

      -Jeremy (somehow FB and Disqus uses 2 separate accounts)

  • Syl0116

    What happenened at the Wealth Expo 2012 is that each expert come on stage for one hour each, introducing their field of expertise in financial management and investment, no different from an education exhibition where you go to, to buy an advanced academic education! Nothing wrong with that, financially privileged adults albeit ignorant and oblivious to matters of finance and investment in the past, buying an adult education and not paying peanuts because you are not being advised by your Ah Soh neighbour or kopitiam uncle! These buyers are busy professional adults who do not have time to sieve through tons of information on the web. What they have, is Money.
    This is not the first Wealth Expo, and most people went there with their eyes open. If you like a certain investment instrument and has the money, just buy it! If you are looking for free advice, then your monthly “meet-the-people” session with your MP is the place to go to. That said, there were nuggets of inforrmation given out, if you had only open your mind and ears to listen and not screamed, “SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!” in your head.
    You do not expect to be able to play the piano after watching a 10 minutes Youtube piano clip, but the Road To Riches can be taught in one hour?

    • Jeremy Ko

      Dear Syl0116,

      If it was described as such on the event website, perhaps I would not be so disgruntled. Look at again.

      In the closing paragraph, it says: “By the end of this 2 day event, you will walk away financially savvy, have a clear and solid plan to achieve your financial goals and more importantly, knowing where and how to invest your money in 2012 and beyond.”

      If someone who has no financial literacy, as described by you, would they walk away being financially savvy and have a clear plan on how to achieve their goals and how to invest their money? Quite simply, I don’t think so.

      If they had described the wealth expo as “A seminar where you will be pitched different seminars for further education so as to advance your financial literacy”, it would be more accurate and honest.

      You repeat the “peanuts” term and I would like you to note that there are others who charge “peanuts” and provide real good information, for example TKL as in my post.

      No one is expecting to be an expert through an hour talk, but one would expect to be given real knowledge, not knowledge that is so trivial it becomes inconsequential. As they say, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

  • germinc

    Thank you Luke! I have added it in my post. It says this about me… “见善不欺,逢恶不怕” Quite apt.

  • Syl0116

    Apologies on the peanuts remark…but I like I said, there were nuggets of information to be mined from each speaker iif one pays close enough attention and went into the hall with an open mind and an “eager-to-learn” mindset. I did. Many others were seen taking down notes frantically while happily snapping pictures too. I think it was very generous and gracious of the Organisers, to allow attendees to snap pictures freely. I have been to talks and previews where attendees were warned against taking pictures even before the first slide is shown.
    Even If one did not sign up for any courses, one would still walked out of the hall enlightened with some understanding of the various investment tools. One can then search for more information on the web. I did. Now I understand Property investment a lot better and Forex and Commodities do not seem so scary anymore. I will keep my money in stocks though, as I am most comfortable with it, never touch Forex as I do not have the confidence to, and dabble in commodities much later, after I have learned enough about it.
    So YES. I did walk away financially savvier at the end of the 2 days, highly motivated and excited to achieve my financial goal with a clearer plan and most importantly, Confident but Cautious, on what to invest in, from now and beyond.
    In my humble opinion, a little knowledge is not a dangerous thing. A keen and industrious mind will hunger for more and will move mountains and earth to seek for it. What is dangerous is…A stubborn mind.
    Worst, if it’s coupled with Negativity and clouded with Political favouritism.

    • germinc

      I am happy for you if you managed to walk away with nuggets of information.

      I too came with an “eager-to-learn” mindset, woke up at 6am so I can register on time at 7am when the doors opened. I agree with you the organizers were gracious in allowing photo taking, provided if there were good information shared in the first place.

      The points you brought up seems to be more applicable to the second day and I did not turn up as the first day was a very bad experience for me.

      A keen and industrious mind would already have known almost everything they have shared on the first day, there was no need to attend the talk to know. I am not stubborn, I change my views when superior facts are presented to me.

      I am naturally pragmatic, which overly optimistic people may perceive as negative. It is all relative. Not sure what political favouritism have to do with this.

      But really, I am glad there were people who loved the talks, at least it was not a total waste for everyone. I did mention in the post that if you do not have a shred of finance knowledge, the seminar would have been useful to you. But for my readers, who have similar knowledge profile as I am, the talk would have been a waste of their time.


    • Teh Tarik

      I learn alot too. And was grateful that Adam Khoo organised such events for the people. I do not know what Adam Khoo has done for me with his welath expo that I have attended. I only know he makes a difference to my mindset. Because I was one of those people who attended his wealth expo wanting to learn from them how they cheat people’s money when I first visited his event. And it was Adam Khoo that changes me, and provided me with an ever lasting fire. Sincerely Thank him. This is the least I could do for him.

  • Wolfinsheepskin

    Lets be honest, we all know what kind of person Adam khoo is. He is extrememly good at ‘motivational speaking’, i leave that interpretation to u. Further more, i have 3 of his books, 1 on investment. Lets just said ive read over 200 trading books to date, i would rank his at the bottom.
    I always say, theres only 1 thing worse than being stupid, thats being naive.
    No one can save a naive person.
    Cheers and beware of wolves.

  • Syl0116

    Realise there was a vastly mixed crowd of audience at the event. One hour for each speaker. One would tailor it best in simplicity so as not to alienate the majority. That was how it was presented. Maybe it got too simple for some, but I suppose, the idea was to bring financial literacy to the man in the street.
    I just want to clear something up. There is no basis to an earlier remark of, “…there is no sharing of information or knowledge.” The property guy urged everyone to take notes while he spoke, Fabian, shared so many URLs, no one should need his service anymore. Adam expounded the fundamentals of a good stock, maybe too simple for some, but helpful tips to the “stupid” or “naive”, unkindly labelled so, and Conrad told every, “Don’t need to take down notes, just go to my blog…”. I am astonished by the sheer volume of it, but most of all, by his magnanimity.Their books are simple and unpretentious, therein lies it’s beauty. One can almost hear them talking out loud when one is reading their books!
    They have a winning formula. If, “bringing financial literacy to the masses” helped the man in the street and made everyone richer and happier, then it’s a win-win situation. The spiteful and embittered can learn a thing or two from them instead of resorting to character assassination. The childish and impertinent? Their name-calling is for the lack of EQ, maturity and a wider vocabulary, and to be forgiven.

    • germinc

      Therefore lies a problem in their marketing. It should be made known it was for “simpler” audiences but the material is presented to make a person reading it feel it was complex information.

      As I have shared in my post, in my opinion, there was limited sharing of information on the first day. There was simply a focus on upselling to the audience. I will not comment on their books as I have not read them as this post was a critique of their presentations, which I felt is sorely lacking.

      You contradict yourself, because in your previous comment, you said this talk is for people with money, and now you said it is for the man in the street. Which is is really for? Therefore, if it is meant to be a series of simple talks, it should be described accurately through their marketing materials.

      What is their “winning formula”? To make people pay more for their services? A simple talk like that cannot simply bring about “financial literacy”. The information is too simple to act on. Yet for the real information, you would have to pay for it. Again, it should be made known BEFORE the wealth expo that it was an education purchase seminar, not a for education seminar as it was portrayed.

      Also, you seem to be moving from a neutral commenter in earlier comments to a pro-AKTLG commenter, this makes me question your background, but I will leave to other readers to decide.


    • WongKK

      You are probably of of the speakers in disguise and are just talking back bcos your Ego got bruised.

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  • Eric

    Hi Jeremy, so you’re a poems client? You can go for their free seminars. I conduct seminars too and it’s free but attendance is very low. I think there needs to be a balance, people who give talks are also “taking back” by promoting their services. I agree with you about the exchange of value part. Which is why some of my colleagues urged me to charge for my seminars, so that people perceive “value” in my seminars. I see it as a fair exchange, i sieve out the tons of information on the web and add in my own professional experience, charge $10 for a seminar. Participants learn and i might potentially sign up new clients.

  • Gordon

    For those who pay to attend expensive trading seminars by those so called experts, I like to advise that they should sit and think. If the so called experts are so good, why bother to teach to earn the fee. He or she should be making tons of money everyday by trading and start enjoying life. They should be helping people instead of charging expensive fee. I respect TKL for doing a service to educate people.

  • Raychoy

    I agreed with your accurate observations of the 1st Day and for the 2nd day, they were similar in nature with the ending of special offers for their course or trainings except for the Chris gardner sharing his actual experience compared to the movie.
    But I wish to share a different experience from you. I was invited to attend free and register it on the internet. This followed by a confirmation and a requested reply from me which I did prompt.

    After this, all hell broke loose. I received daily confirmation and request for confirmation moe than the next few days.

    This followed by 6 separate phone call asking me to attend and reminding that they are full booked and if I do not wish to go, pleae let them know. ( Note: I have emailed my confirmation when I recieved the 1st confirmation).

    This is not the end of it, they followed up with 5 sms confirming and reminding me of their event. The last one was on friday night at about 10pm.

    I felt they were were stalking me and there was no way of stopping them after the last call on Friday night.

    Anyway, I learnt my lesson and will not have further dealing dealing with this in future.

    I am wondering i an unlcuky to reply to the free invitation or anyone have similar experience like mine.

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  • Jokar


    Totally agree with you. AKLTG is a con job. PPL, do yourself a favor – give it a miss. At least your pocket will still be full by the end of the day. These so called “Gurus” are only out to scam your money. As for FLim, he is one Big Time Con Man. Selling his so-called “Internet Marketing Secrets” workshop where you will “learn” to make 5 figure monthly residual income without doing anything and his so-called Stock Picker system based on a highly secretive “German formula”. Yeah, right. All smoke and mirrors I tell you. But hey, if you wanna get suckered go right ahead.

  • Concerned

    Hi Jeremy,

    Chanced upon your site while looking out for more info on these kind of speakers and how useful they are. But one detail caught my eye: You stated at the start that you have bought savings policies. Does TKL promote savings policies as well?

    Because while saving plans do generate cash value over the years, however there are instruments provided by our govt which alone can already give you more cash than what a savings plan can do. This of course depends on what your financial goal is, so I shall not begin by saying that you are doing the wrong thing. Perhaps you are the ultra-conservative types who believe in insurance saving plans. I don’t think u are referring to a bank deposit as a saving policy, so I suppose you refer to an endowment.

    I know a little bit about my numbers and finance & investments, so just let me say that for an ultra conservative individual, you can place your cash into your CPF acct, and generate a decent return depending on your age. While some endowments do generate good returns, however if you are looking for more guaranteed returns, the CPF can do it too. And both are taking into account compounding effect. Both are illiquid, and if you are buying a savings policy for the purpose of life coverage, I think you are going the wrong direction. Of course if you are buying the policy for your child’s education, then there is nothing wrong with it.

    There are many ways to make money, and many instruments out there to give you near-guaranteed returns. I’m just worried that young people nowadays are looking to saving plans as an investment vehicle because honestly, they are not.

    • Jeremy Ko

      Wait why are you presuming something TKL said even though I made no mention of it? Go for his talk and judge for yourself. Yes, he talked about maximising the 4% interest in CPF before considering other options. He also weighed the pros and cons of each type of policies and recommended what he thought. Go for his talk, it is much more enlightening than what I can share here. It’s not expensive anyway.


  • SGIM

    Hey man appreciate your stand up attitude against these scammers… haha so AKLTG tried to bribe you to “clean up” to cover up their shit…

    anyway i attended one of Fabian’s free previews by this fellow called Simon Leung, and what a complete BS it was… i mean i was just sitting and watching in awe how this guy was promising that if they joined their program everybody would start making thousands in as little as 2 weeks.. by then i just couldn’t take the vomit coming out of his mouth and btw the preview ended with one to one QA session, can you imagine? i thought he’d open the floor to everyone, my guess is they never allow QA in front of audience as they are scared that people might ask some serious questions putting their scam in limelight… so anyway avoid these scammers at all costs, they are not millionaires as they claim to be otherwise they’d be doing some serious business.

  • jumpingjack

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for the write up and I am expecting Wealth Expo 2013 to be the same piece of shit as well. I’ve just got one free VIP ticket. I believe I belong to the intermediate category of investor and I am expecting that Adam Khoo is going to market his services again, just like in InvestFair 2013. If you have a free ticket, would you consider going? Lastly, would they spam me with advertisements of their seminars after I go?

    • germinc

      I wouldn’t go near it even if they paid me….

  • conned

    I have been to other motivational talks by China and Taiwan speakers and it is similar to the wealth expo you described. Their aim is to sell expensive courses (discounted if you sign up immediately! limited places!).

  • becareful

    lets look at this from a statistical perspective.
    The above mentioned ‘coaches’ have been around for many years. some over a decade like Adam.
    The more popular ones like Adam gives seminar to people numbering in hundreds a time over a 3 day course.
    Combine the above mentioned coaches and totaling the number of students they have ever coached from the beginning to today, we can safely say it is ALOT. Lets give it a number that doesnt sound too ridiculous, say 50,000 spread over 5 popular coaches with each training approx 10,000 in their lifetime to date.
    Assume their success rate of coaching is 10%, there should be 5000 successful traders or businessmen.
    So where are these 5000 people? Have you met any that are successful from taking the courses?
    Also, 10% success rate is too conservative as even without coaching, apprx 10% of the entire population in Singapore will be successful.
    Next, how can we attrrbute success from taking these courses? We cant as there are so many factors.
    These seminars also attracted people who are naturally motivated or driven to be successful thus rendering their rate of success higher.
    Therefore after such a long-winded paragraph, we can safely say that there are no concrete empirical evidence on whether these courses will work or not. Im not here to discredit any of the coaches, but to warn unsuspecting consumers. FYI, i bought an investment book from one of the above coaches and i rank it the worst investment book ive ever read and i have read at least 300 books to date on investment.
    I end with a saying ‘ those who know dont talk, those who talk dont know’.

  • Teoh Yi Chie

    Thanks for this review. It’s enlightening. And AKLTG asking you to take down the content says a lot.

  • Moose

    Very enlightening Jeremy. I am a newbie to investment and stocks. Which seminar or course would you recommend for someone like me apart from TKL talks. Thanks

  • Moose

    Kudos to you for standing up to AKLTG !

  • Joseph Ting

    Well done, I believe you have spoken the truth and not many people know the truth, with some many tricks and techniques, many would have been “poorer” off even before they become “richer”.

  • Elizabeth Williams

    I don’t really get it; why would people want to teach others on how to trade or make money when they themselves already making tons of money?