Seriously, I am typing this as I am once again delayed by them, 1st Auto Commercial Pte Ltd.


After reading their positive reviews on 1st Auto Pte Ltd and knowing this is their new branch in the same building, I gave them a try as I worked nearby. For us business owners, a van is even more critical than a personal car as we use it for business operations. The front of my Liteace knocked into a pillar and the front grill broke as well as dented the bonnet and bumper.


In a separate incident, the van reversed into a moving lorry and had the right rear light smashed, back panel and right panel dented / scratched.


Knowing the damage is extensive, I took care to describe to Mr Yap on Friday (11 April) that the vehicle is needed on a day to day level, but we would delay our business for him to repair the vehicle. We agreed that I would send the vehicle for repair on Monday morning (14 April)  and I could collect it on Friday morning. I even placed a deposit ($300) with him so that he could order the replacement parts ahead of time.


However, Friday being Good Friday, I asked if I could collect it on Thursday night. He said it is not possible, but Friday morning should be ok. On Thursday, I smsed him and he told me it has been delayed till Saturday 530pm.


As I worked nearby, I decided to stay behind after work to wait for the van. The pick up time was delayed from 530pm to 7pm to 8pm till 930pm! What kind of business makes a customer wait for them multiple times? Why over-promise and then under-deliver? Throughout the many times I was being delayed, I did not hear a single sorry from the proprietor nor his worker, and I was the one who kept asking when I could collect back my van.


As a business, trust is key and reliability is very important. If the promise is for the vehicle to be returned on a certain day, I would schedule my backlogged deliveries after that. However, I now have to face the wrath of some of my customers for delaying their orders.


If you are a business owner and require a reliable promise, avoid this workshop. Period.