Buying things at a huge discount from high value brands from USA during Black Friday or Christmas? Thinking about which forwarder to use to send it to Singapore?

Granted if service was similar, price would be a consideration as well. However, even though 65daigou is cheaper compared to Comgateway, it seems like their service is also subpar. If you bought the items at a significant discount and want to “protect” your discount, then using a more reliable forwarder is more important.

Having used both CGW and 65DG, what I have experienced is that CGW is more professional. They use DHL and tracking is very accurate. For 65DG, you can read about my horror story below.

I bought the item at 40% discount from USA. The item (Klipsch x11i) was on sale for USD$120, which is S$180. The same item sells for $550 in Singapore. Having used 65DG a few times previously, I decided to use them again because their price is cheaper, the service seems similar and I wanted to support a local company. Big mistake. I bought 2 of those earphones, so I guess I am looking at an opportunity loss of close to S$700 by them?

Their policy also states that you will pay either the Declared Value for insurance or the amount on the invoice, whichever is LOWER. This means that even if you wanted to protect my purchase by declaring it at a higher price, you would not have been able to do so.
It seems to me that it is possible that a product that is of medium value (worth more than $200) and not insured, can be taken by your outsourced drivers, and just compensated for $100. This is a HUGE risk to us as customers. Even if the item is insured, the time taken and the loss of value due a sale, is very disturbing for customers. I am just thankful I bought insurance, at least.
These are the facts of the case.
Item was supposed to be delivered on Monday, but wasn’t.
Item was marked “Delivered” on 65DG backend, even though it wasn’t. I was quite stunned when it happened.
Called 65DG office on Thursday to enquire what was going on, Darren from 65DG promised with great confidence that he or Mr Chow (the boss) will call me back by 6pm, but he didn’t. I had to call 65DG delivery hotline to try to remind Darren.
Promised a refund by 6pm on Friday, but it still wasn’t done. Again, I had to call to chase. New promise is for full amount of refund by 10pm.
This is their level of “service”.
There is no due care by 65DG driver to ensure packages are safeguarded and delivered safely, or marked undelivered correctly or to compensate customers fairly for losses.
I would recommend prospective customers to be wary of this level of service. Good luck to all.
For me, I would resume using Comgateway, since their service combined with DHL seems to be a lot more reliable.