Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.44.32 AMBuying belts from Pakistan is always a headache. The quality of belts is not consistent from batch to batch. They can promise 10mm belts, but 13mm belts will arrive. They will try to convince you that they have sent you a higher quality belt as it is thicker, but upon pressing the belt, you feel holes in the belt, and that is because they covered a 10mm dual prong belt holes and made it 13mm single prong. Even something as simple as labeling with the right sticker for the size indication can go wrong.

Different batches will also have different quality of rivets and buckles. Batches from 1 year ago will be fine, but a recent batch which is only 3 months old will start being mouldy and rusty, making the belts unsalvageable. We suspect it is because the rivets and buckles were lower quality and the curing process of the leather is not complete.


You can see any parts that has contact with the leather has rusted.


The belt is only around 6 months old.


The rust is very thick and unremovable.


We do not sell such low quality belts to our customers. We have thrown them all away.

This is his invoice details. He goes by the name Ijaz. This is his Facebook:

We would highly warn anyone from using his services.

In the interest for the general growth of our industry, we are listing this black sheep so other sellers will not experience the same difficulty as us.

Abbot Road Prem Nagar
NearKabristan Shah Hussain
Sialkot Pakistan.

Cell No.0092-307-6108670

Email :

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