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This is a timeline of the events.

1 Feb. Placed order for 2 x Javelin for EUR268.75 * 2 + Shipping EUR80.63 = EUR618.13.

After chasing them multiple times, they sent it out about 1.5 weeks later. They said they missed out the order due to their new online shopping cart system because they did not contacted the best low-price internet providers.

21 Feb. I have received the order. Without opening the packaging, we sent it to our customer (Singapore Athletics Association).Upon delivery, customer noticed that they only received 1 javelin.

We informed Nordic Sport and they acknowledged that due to an IT error, it was recorded as 1 item. Hence they sent me 1 javelin. they will send me a replacement piece.

7 March. I received Replacement Javelin in a tube packaging without any sign of damage.

12 March. We delivered replacement javelin to customer

21 April. Customer Reported Javelin is broken.

21 April. We informed Nordic Sport with all details

25 April. Nordic Sport refuses to send replacement to replace defect piece because they said that we need to inform them within 10 days of any damage. However, we replied that during the purchase process, they did not tell us that the product is prone to damage or defect during shipment and to check it upon receipt and to inform them within 10 days. On our end, we had no reason to suspect that the product is damaged because the packaging looked completely fine.

They replied in a confirmative and firm email that they are unwilling to send replacement piece to replace the defective piece.

Nowhere in the constant contact with them did they inform me that javelins are prone to breaking during shipment and to check it upon receipt. We had no reason to suspect it was broken as the external tube packaging was received in perfect condition.  Hence, we delivered it as such to our customer directly using our own in house driver.

It’s unfortunate that a globally respected athletics equipment company can choose to be flippant, irresponsible and negligent. Throughout the ordering process, I have been patient to their multiple mistakes (delayed sending of order, sending wrong quantity, broken product). However, if they are unwilling stand by the quality of their products, I would caution other people from buying from them.