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Following my previous post on Roadbull (now removed), I would like to clarify that after meeting with Roadbull personnel face to face today, all misunderstandings regarding the wrongly cancelled order and missing parcel have been cleared swiftly. The mistake occurred mainly due to the wrongly cancelled order on our end and the driver not scanning the parcels during pick up.

We felt stonewalled and that a public post was our only avenue. In hindsight, we should have tried to reach an amicable agreement in private.  We thank Roadbull for reaching out to us and clarifying the matter.

After better understanding their system processes, we have learnt that their system is robust and has been improving to serve the needs of e-commerce of Singapore.

Furthermore, I offer my unreserved apology to Roadbull for my unsubstantiated accusations regarding their internal company processes.

We look forward to continuously working together with Roadbull to serve our customers.