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As young bosses, we try to be different, and treat all employees with respect. As we hire outside our circle of friends and family, new employees tell us that we treat everyone really nicely, unlike their former bosses who tend to be more demeaning and fierce. However, sometimes, your best intentions do not result in the best outcome. You can read the history here:

Today I learnt that our former driver who had a police case has been sentenced to criminal breach of trust with 6 weeks jail as well as 20 additional days in lieu of not paying a $4000 fine. However, what disappointed me greatly is that Goh Qin Shi and Jian Liang were not prosecuted by the AGC.

Perhaps what grinds my nerves is that till today, more than a year after the case ended, they do not have the basic human decency to apologize for their transgressions. Perhaps they think that if they ignore everything, this incident will slide away and no one will ever know about it. Not on my watch.

Goh Qin Shi (link 2) (link 3) (S9***945A / 9*****88) encouraged Joseph to steal products and knowingly received stolen products by getting Joseph to deliver stolen products to his doorstep. He also tried to spin it as a “misunderstanding”.

Jian Liang (9*** **93) was aware that Joseph Wee was stealing company goods but decided to buy stolen goods.

For future employers, it would be prudent to know that these people have the tendency for dishonest behaviour.

To prove I am not falsifying anything about this case, here are screenshots of their chat-logs, and you can decide for yourselves their level of culpability: