Thanks for visiting this website. This is a blog about my attempt to optimize life in terms of fitness, diet and career.

I am a student at Nanyang Technological University (Communication Studies). I believe in the ability of images and words to convince someone to action. I am still learning and not an expert, would be happy to be corrected in my posts.


I enjoy rock climbing, running, kettlebells, strongman training and compound movements in the gym. I am not a body builder, but a movement enthusiast. The side-effects on the body, bigger arms, nice abs, wider shoulders are but a happy occurrence.

Obviously, without any dedicated training program to any of these disciplines, my climbing grades, rankings in giveroy sport and gym work are not impressive.

Rather than hitting high numbers, I like the variety and element of fun in my training. As long as I leave the facility knowing I have put in my best yet maintaining the hunger to return, I am already satisfied.

My training schedule is:

  • Monday – Long Distance Running
  • Tuesday – Gym work
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Strongman / Kettlebells
  • Friday – Intervals / Kettlebells
  • Saturday – Rest (Cheat day for diet)
  • Sunday – Rock climbing

My gut feel is that most people do not want to become the next Olympian athlete but are simply happy being able to pass the general fitness test, look good and go on enjoying their life. There is nothing wrong with this perspective in my opinion.


It is pointless to train like crazy and not watch your diet. Would you fill a Ferrari with 92 Grade petrol? Similarly, the body finds it hard to process unnatural, processed food. General rule of thumb is to avoid processed foods.

I follow a diet known as intermittent fasting as well as the paleo diet. I remove sugar and salt as much as possible from my diet.

Truthfully, I am not as insane or disciplined to keep to this diet every single day. I watch my diet consciously yet I do give myself allowances when social paradigms expect.


I have had experiences both as a salaried worker and entrepreneur – importing mp3 players from China, starting and then leaving a functional training gym amongst many others.

I will write about:

  • fitness
  • diet
  • design
  • photography
  • presentation
  • books
  • personal experiences

Through writing, I hope to form a stronger understanding of myself. I believe it is possible to be an intellectual and be athletically fit at the same time. The line between geek and jock drawn during teenage years have blurred considerably.

I am a constant student and learner and am always looking to try new sports / activities if time permits.

I live in Singapore and I try to be nice. I can be contacted via means stated below for questions or requests for help. I disable comments because it’s just too troublesome managing spam.


email: germinc (at) gmail (dot) com

Previous Accolades

NTU University Overseas Exchange Scholarship (China)

NTU President Research Scholar

NTU Tan Guk Eng Scholarship

Top 20 Standard Chartered Bank World Coolest Intern Competition