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My passion in fitness stems not from looking good but from the joy of learning new movements. Coming from my first sport of rock climbing, where no two moves are the same, I appreciate “poetry in movement”.

Two people doing the same route would have their own unique way of solving it. Yes, there is the most “efficient” way of accomplishing it, but as you are a result of your upbringing, what is efficient for you may not be the same for another.

It is with this perspective that I took along with me in other sports. Currently, I train myself with rock climbing, kettlebells, metabolic conditioning and barbell movements. When I can spare the time, I visit SG Titans to train with strongman implements or Team FC5 to train my balance with slacklining.

Unlike others who have the goal of slimming down, I had the opposite problem, which was to gain healthy muscle mass as I was naturally bamboo-skinny. Contrary to common thought, gobbling anything will only add mass to the middle region of the body. The common term for this is “skinny-fat”.

With a sensible diet and consistent training, I was able to increase my weight from 57kg to 64kg. At the same time, owing to my background in rock climbing, I am only interested in building muscles which have the most utility for the body. This means I aim to build muscles that enable movement, and not for the primary aim to develop bulging muscles.

This is my journey and it has been a great experience so far. However, regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle, the primary aim of training does not change – reduce body fat content and increase efficient muscle mass.

Personal training is an activity that gives me great satisfaction beyond what I do as a communication research third year student at Nanyang Technological University. The first step begins with you, and I will guide you as many others have guided me in the past.


Fitness Qualifications


  • Adults: $80 a session.
  • Students / Preparing for National Service : $60 a session
  • Training would be conducted at AlphaFit (near Bukit Timah Road / Eng Neo Ave on PIE) or at your home.


If you are interested in scheduling a training session, contact me at germinc @ gmail dot com.